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How many people here have never their hand?

Are you a freelancer? Someone who dreams big? Who jumps at the chance to be remarkable? Who shows up? Picks herself? Shares more? Cares more? And prefers trying the new way? If so, I think we're one in the same. More importantly, I'd love to connect.

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thoughts on freelancing, sharing and caring


Helping you freelance better.

Freelancing can be a scary thing to try -- especially when you're going it alone.

Jon Platt helps take the fear out of your leap into freelancing. With vibrant friends and experiences, Jon is building a community that makes freelancing possible and sustainable. You're invited to join!

In addition to writing and coaching, Jon founded Reframe Blog and Writely. His personal blog (read it here) is about freelancing, sharing and caring. He is also a contributor at Huffington Post.

Jon works at no charge to students, educators or non-profits. Reach out here.

Work with Jon. Freelance bettter.

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  • Phone: (254) 307-0877
  • Email: jon(at)
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Robert F. Darden
"Jon is a gifted young man with vision, insight, talent and a deep passion for the essential art of storytelling, ."
Lori Koop
"Jon is the guy to listen to. Thorough. Thoughtful. And Transformative! He will get you thinking, reimagining and creating afresh. Let his awareness and insights break open the possibilities and release the dreamer (and dreams) within you! He's a natural... a one-of-a-kind genius! Listen in."


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Jon has a love-hate relationship with social media*, but he does read his own mail and returns every call. You can reach him here -- or shoot him a message with the contact form (all goes to the same place):

  • Phone: (254) 307-0877
  • Email: jon(at)

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* Check out this blog post for thoughts on why.