A Leadership Lesson from Dr. King

I had planned a massive post on the legacy of Dr. King, and how his words still apply to us in 2014. However, when I was writing this morning, that just didn’t seem appropriate.

Instead, I decided to show you my favorite photo of the Civil Rights Movement.


This photo means so much to me because of where Dr. King is looking, and, especially, where everybody else is looking.

In this picture, everyone marching seems preoccupied with what is going on around the march. They’re distracted by the waves, like Jesus’ friend, Peter.

We see a boy’s jaw dropping on the right side of the photo. Maybe there are police dogs. Maybe there are fire hoses. Maybe there are people with bats ready to club him. Who knows?

A boy in the middle is ducking his head. He could be dodging a bottle that's being thrown at them, or attempting to drop out of sight.

Marchers all throughout the background are looking left and right.

A gentleman in the front, who has his arms link with King’s, is looking off center. It might be another photographer distracting him, or it could be a wall of policemen ready to silence the protestors.

Everyone is preoccupied with their surroundings, except Dr. King. King is looking straight ahead. He is unmoved and determined. What’s ahead is ahead, and if he is to continue marching then he must face it and walk through it.

To me, that’s leadership.