Flex Your Hustle Muscle

I love this quote from baseball legend, Babe Ruth.

"It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up."

This is what 2014 is all about for me – flexing my hustle muscle.

The Great Bambino also said he could have batted around .600 if he’d hit for “the dinky singles.” He knew being average is easy. He knew it took someone with hustle to break and set records.

Ruth hit for homers, or he struck out.

You know what else The Sultan of Swat did? He pointed out where each hit was going before he even swung the bat. There's some deep symbolism that.

Let’s take a lesson from The Caliph of Clout and never stop swinging for the fences this year.  

(Fun Fact: During Ruth’s baseball career, every 1 in 4 balls he hit was a homer. He finished with a .342 batting average. That’s some serious hustle.)