“Dear Valued Customer “

I’m tired of being a “Valued Customer.”

It seems like every piece of mail I get starts with some variation of that. Worst of all, most don’t even bother to put my name on the address. Instead, they label me “Current Resident.”

Case in point, Bealls sent a cirulatory out last week. It started with the typical, “Dear Valued Customer…” I didn’t even open it, and, upon pushing the trash flap open, apparently nobody else did. The entire trash can was full of un-valued, “Valued Customers.”

Now, here’s someone doing it right:

The same day, Cabela’s sent me a letter. The evelope was addressed to me, the letter was addressed to me, it was written very personably (no gimmicks, no sales, nothing but a simple “thanks for a wonderful year” message from the owners), and the envelope was hand stamped. Already, I felt valued.

Then, I looked back in the envelope and found this:


That’s a $15 multi-tool.

For free.


Does that make me feel valued? You better believe it!

Bravo, Cabela’s, and thanks for the multi-tool!