No More Excuses

So many people have dreams.

To write a book.

To paint a masterpiece.

To compose a hit song.

To lose five pounds.

To play the guitar.

To run 200 miles in a year.

To speak a foreign language.

And on and on.

But the same people who will tell you all about their dream will also turn around and say, “I just don’t have time to write…read…paint…run…whatever.”

I used to say that. A lot.

Until, finally, a professor got fed up with my excuses and scolded me. “You can say that all your life, or you can wake up an hour earlier tomorrow and work,” he said.

So I did.

It was tough at first, but I can justify the struggle because I’m creating, as I was born to do. I’ve gotten a little closer to my dreams every morning, and I’ve never looked back.

Stop feeding yourself excuses and go do.