How Do You Take Your Coffee?

As many of you know, I'm obsessed with coffee.

I love the smell. I love the taste. I love the preparation. Last week, I discovered a nifty little mechanism for preparing my morning coffee. It's the Aerobie 80R08 AeroPress. The process for this device is simple:

  1. Put the AeroPress over a cup
  2. Put grinds and water into the chamber
  3. Stir the mixture
  4. Press the water out of the chamber into the cup – creating the shot(s)
  5. You can drink the shot(s) now as an Espresso
  6. Add water to the shot(s) for an Americano style drink, or add milk for a Cafe Latte

All that said, I've also been reengineering how I flavor my coffee.

Usually, I'm a black coffee man. Cream and sugar have never been my thing. And occasionally, you'll find me sipping a peppermint mocha latte in the winter. But I needed to change things up, as I make a habit of doing, and decided to try a few new styles of coffee.

First, I purchased some chocolate flavored coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. It was great, but not something I want early in the morning. Next, I tried adding Truvia for a naturally sweetened tang. That was horrible. Currently, I'm adding a dash of cinnamon for a sweet, but not over-bearing, taste.

All this leads me to the purpose of my post – to ask you an important question. Question: How do you take your coffee?

I'm willing to try just about anything, and I'd love to hear about anything you've experimented with. Send me an email with your response or suggestion. Thanks in advance!