Confusing the Customer

What’s on your homepage, in your storefront window, or on your brochure?

Is it you? Is it your product? Is it a gimic?

Does your restaurant look like an antique store from the street?

Are your windows plastered with posters of events for unrelated venues?

Can I tell you that sell apples based on your business card, or just that you’re the CEO?

So many stores push unrelated impulse products that the customer forgets what she’s really there for.

Walmart can get away with this. They sell everything and shoppers expect that. Local boutiques can’t.

A clothing store sells clothes. Chocolate shouldn’t be by the register. The $50 extra dollars it pulls in a month doesn’t pay for distracting the customer from your main line of product.

The goal of every impression should be to tell the story that you provide the best ___________ in town.

Fill that blank with your product and only your product.

Don’t confuse the customer, or a customer they might not be.