My Love Affair with Fear

I wake up early because I’m afraid. Afraid I’ll lose focus. Afraid I’ll forget. Afraid I’ll fall behind.

While the war with fear is ever-lasting, fear is also what keeps us going. In the same way an artist fears that “I can’t,” she must also use the fear that “I won’t” to drive her into creativity.

An entrepeneur uses fear to keep going. He has to pay bills, so he works. He has to satisfy his growing customer base, so he works. He has to feed his family, so he works harder.

The Voice in your head says, “You’ll never accomplish anything because you’re no good” is the same voice that will say, “You’re no good because you never accomplish anything.”

Silencing The Voice isn’t possible. Muffling it is only possible for a little while, and eventually you’ll put more effort into controlling The Voice than creating the product.

Instead, channel the emotions The Voice provokes and make it – make the fear – work for you.


See some fear on the side.