The fruit stand

I never stop places on the road. Five or six hour drives are non-stop trips for me. However, the last time I drove from Waco to Kilgore, I stopped twice for completely different reasons.

The first stop: About 20 miles into the trek, I started hearing rattling in the back of the car. After seven minutes of tink, tink, tink-ing, I pulled over to rearrange the dolly cart that insisted on making its presence known.

The second stop: Just outside Tyler I saw a sign next to a fruit stand that read, "Orange you getting thirsty?" (I was) "Why not stop in and have a juice on us?" (I did.)

Both the dolly and the fruit stand made me pull over even though their approaches were completely different.

When we sell things to people, we get the choice to annoy and spam them into submission or to provide the solution to their problem.

I'm more inclined to pick the product choosing the latter.