Selling ties

"Ties are too expensive to buy ugly ones." -Paige VanMeter

What's the purpose of a tie? To cover more of your body? To be used as a weapon? Is it like the extended neck of a lizard – a signal for mating?

Nope. The purpose of a tie is to hang from your neck. That's it.

There's no rhyme or reason as to why we should wear them, except that we've been convinced they're a fashion necessity for formal and professional gatherings.

A typical tie costs between $40 and $100. Those who make minimum wage are paying (bare minimum) the equivalent of five hours of labor for a single piece of fabric.

The tie serves no purposes, is outrageously priced, and, yet, the tie market is booming.

Tell consumers a certain story enough times and they'll eventually buy in (sometimes for the long-haul).

Pick your story and tell it fearlessly.