If I gave you $100

…what would you turn it into?

Could you make it into $1,000? $100,000? A million?

What if I said you just had to turn it into $200? Would you take it?

We’re faced with chances like this all day, but we never take them. We come up with just enough excuses to clear our conscience.

I bet you’ve already decided you couldn’t double the hundred bucks. (Honestly, I would have if it were being offered to me.) You didn’t even give yourself a chance to consider it. It was an automatic “There’s an expectation for this? I’m out!” kind of process you’ve done a million times before.

I know. I know.

You’re not a business major. You’re not good with money. You don’t have time. You’ve tried. You failed. You just had a kid, so you can’t take risks right now. The economy isn’t right. A hundred dollars isn’t enough. You’re not a creative person. You’re not creative enough. You don’t know enough people. You don’t know where to start. Asking people for money makes you uneasy.

Stop making excuses for just a minute (60 seconds — time yourself) and imagine: If I gave you $100, what would you turn it into?