One of the two

How we work has changed because the world has changed. Dedicating yourself to one effort for most of your life (known as a “job”) is the old way of making a living.

Striving to reach the top of the ladder is no longer the goal. The goal is making your own ladder.

In this new economy, those who choose the path of ladder crafting are offered two options: to be an entrepreneur or to be a soloist.

An entrepreneur builds a company, an organization, a team. She fixes problems by providing goods and services to consumers (this can be individuals or businesses).

A soloist makes a ruckus by herself. She’s the consultant, the author, the freelancer. Her focus is building a brand.

Both require extreme hustle and gusto.

Neither is more difficult than the other.

But to build your best ladder, you must find out which path you’re bred for.