Take two

I start every morning with a throw-up session — just to get words on paper. (Anne Lammot calls this the shitty first draft.) After that, I get ready and head downtown to a coffee shop. There, I read, write, and attempt to edit.

This morning, I realized that for the fourth day in a row I was getting nothing done. I’d show up and grab my mug, but then just ideally sit, surfing the web and having dozens of pointless conversations. So I left.

I’m back at the kitchen table now and listening to my Coltrane records. With no distractions, I’ve written several blog posts, took a big swing at a big project, and read a large chunk of Stephen King’s On Writing (Side note: Writers — read. this. book. I regret putting it off for so long.)

The first take doesn’t have to be perfect — neither does the second. What matters is that you learn from the first to help fuel the second toward greatness.

Today’s not over. Take number two is calling your name.