A different kind of vacuum

All vacuum cleaners do the same thing. They remove dirt.

However, Dyson has taught us again and again that, while all vacuums do the same thing, they do not have to do it in the same way. Lately, they’ve revolutionized how objects enter the machine. (Here’s a neat video of “the only turbine tools that doesn’t tangle.”)

Dyson knows they can’t change the story a vacuum tells — “I remove dirt.” — but they can change the way a consumer considers a vacuum.

I’d never thought about how clogged a standard cleaner can get until I saw this ad. It didn’t necessarily make me what to rush out and replace my machine, but, the next time I’m in the market for a good vacuum, I’ll definitely keep Dyson in mind.

If everyone in your industry answers email first thing in the morning, does it mean you have to? What would your output look like if you didn’t? Maybe email should come second to your first big task of the day or maybe it needs to be moved until after lunch.

Doing something the same way everyone else does just because that’s how its suppose to be done makes us easily replaceable. You don’t want to be replaceable. You want to stand out. You want to make a difference.

You won’t become memorable by modeling yourself after everyone else on the market. Do some things differently on purpose.