Chicken with chocolate sauce and peppers

“We offer custom cooking!”

I saw this claim at the bottom of a menu last week. I knew what they were going for: to please the customer. But…

What if I want chicken with chocolate sauce and peppers? That’s a custom order. What if I want Thai food at a Mexican restaurant? If you promise custom cooking, you’d better move the guac and get out a wok.

Custom cooking (attempts to) market to everyone. How dangerous. (And not the good kind!)

“We can do anything for anyone because we don’t care” just doesn’t sound inviting. “This place is for YOU!” does.

In a world where I can find a chinese food place with a 70’s disco atmosphere, having the mass market choice of “whatever you’d like” doesn’t appeal. Wouldn’t you rather eat at a place specifically designed for you and your friends than a white-washed, that’s-where-everyone-goes eatery?

Create products that Jack wants or that Tina needs and you’ll see them again. That’s not the case with Anyone and Everyone.