It’s not writer’s block

I’m stumped. I’ve paced. I’ve drawn. I’ve walked around the block. I’ve called friends to talk it out.

Writer’s block has struck again.

Nothing wants to come out.

Is it because all my ideas have clogged the end of the funnel? Am I simply just tired?

I don’t know.

Seth Godin would tell me, “There’s no such thing as writer’s block because there’s no such thing as talker’s block. I never run out of things to write because I never run out of words to say.”

That makes sense.

Perhaps it’s not writer’s block.

Perhaps it’s a dip that I have to push through.

So here are some words on paper (er, screen). Here is a post I’ve published. Here is something to check off the list. Here is something I don’t like doing — an “I don’t know” kind of post. Here is some shitty work.

Because, when the feeling of darkness sets in, we can choose to work through it or to turn around.

Turning around is safe. You’ve been that way before. You know the path back.

Forward is dangerous. Forward is new. Forward might not work out.

I’m OK with that. So here’s a post dedicated to moving forward. I hope you’ll choose to walk this direction with me.