Tick tock, tick tock

Life gives us two things we’ll never get back: time and words.

More money can be made. More equipment can be purchased. More buildings can be built. More data can be added. Muscles can be toned. Photoshop can be used. Paint can be applied. Spilt milk can be easily replaced by a fresh glass.

But say a word you don’t mean, or misuse time you don’t have, and it can never be corrected. We’ve got to be preemptive.

Zig taught us to plan preemptively and with specific intent.

“Direction creates time,” he said.

Getting to work and making a plan is useless. You’ve wasted some of your daily allotted gumption working on deciding what you’ll work on.

Know where you’re going and what you’re doing before you sit down at the desk, take a step into the office, or move toward reaching a goal. Parents regularly have their children lay clothes out the night before, so the morning can run more smoothly.

Apply this to your schedule. Lay it out the night before, and your days will run more smoothly. You’ll slide out of bed with direction.

Zig’s idea was to show up with direction. This, he said, would lead to utilizing your time — a nonrenewable resource — with purpose and deliberate intention. By workings with a clear direction, you’ll find motivation.

“Motivation creates energy,” he said.

Know your big rocks, your goals for the next day, and your six to-dos (and have them in order from most to least important) and write them out each night before going to bed. Wake up in the morning and follow the plan.

Do this for a week and you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished, and at how much more energy you have to do more.