Permissioning in odd places

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Over a decade ago, Seth Godin wrote about permission marketing. His goal for companies: to get in a place consumers will enjoying being marketed to. Then, it was the email inbox.

Today, inboxes are cluttered and often left in overflow. Many people only enter their inbox to find a specific message. The inbox is now like TV, no longer a place we’re begging to be marketed to. A place we’re not looking to give out “permissioning” to.

The Kindle, though, is still a special place. It would feel cool, hip, even progressive to find Bloomberg articles (and, thus, ads) on my Kindle.

If Bloomberg could gain access to what else I was reading, they could then tailor ads specifically to me. Not to a niche of people like me. Not to a group of people like me who signed up. But to me – Jon Platt in Waco.

So the question is, What’s your Send To Kindle button? Where can you permission differently? What’s the odd space you can get to that no one else is reaching for?