Jumping lines

Two dozen lanes with only seven open. This is one of the many reasons I refuse to go to Walmart.

Another reason is the people who wait in those seven lanes.

If you’ll watch there are two types of people: those who grab their items and shop forward

The forward-moving folk get their items, pick a line and stick to it.

The sideways-moving shoppers get their items, pick a line, but they see one moving faster or suddenly get shorter. Then, they change lanes in hopes of getting out quicker than the idle waiters in front of them.

Both shoppers move. Just, in two different ways and at two different speeds.

While appearing to move slower, the shoppers who stick it out will often leave the store quicker than those who jumped again and again.

Activity doesn’t always lead to productivity.

At the office, sideways shopping might be answering emails, or checking the stock market, or going to a meeting. Lots of things to do. Lots of places to be. But, when the day is done, has your cart moved forward or sideways.

At your craft, sideways shopping might be reading another book before starting, or purchasing one more piece of “crucial” equipment, or watching one more how-to video.

Yes, all of these tasks are in a sense necessary, but not as a replacement to actually work.

Naps. Coffee meetups. Long lunches. Water cooler talk. Phone calls. Cleaning your desk. These are sideways activities too.

Do them all, if you please. But only after the sale, the chapter, the sculpture, the chart is completed.

Don’t distract yourself from work with work.