There’s no cavalry coming

Stop waiting for approval.

Stop waiting for everyone to be in your corner.

Stop waiting for the stars to align.

People cheer for the underdog and the friend who can pay for their dinner. When you’re starting out, you’re not an underdog. You’re a nobody (harsh, but true). The dog has to fight a few fights before he’s considered “under.” When you’re starting out, you’re not in the position to go around buying friends’ meals. You’re investing money and time into the project, not a social life.

So, no, crowds won’t cheer for you at first. People will be nosy. And they’ll be critical, but, ultimately, uninterested.

But who cares what they think? You’re not doing this for them.

As long as there’s art to be made, there’s no excuse, no person, no force big enough to keep you away. Except for you.