Embracing the quit

Quitting. It’s something none of us like to do because we remember from elementary school that “quitters never win and winners never quit.” But, while I’m sure my soccer coach meant well when he shouted that in my face, as someone who is taking a stab at being a professional creative, a full-time artist, never quitting just isn’t a reality.

Bob Goff always reminds me to “do less of what you stink at.” I’ve written on doing the opposite before, but, like everything else, I’ve come to realize that there’s a necessary balance between constantly quitting and sticking to everything for the sake of pride or proof.

Quitting strategically is necessary for anyone in a constant creative endeavour. This starts with determining how, why, and when you’ll quit before you even begin.

Quit because you’re as far as you can go in it. Don’t quit because you’re tired. Quit because you’re no longer moving forward. Don’t quit because things got difficult.  Quit because you’ll move on to something that can change the world. Don’t quite because people are pointing and laughing.

Quit the right things on the right terms. (Hint: you get to decide what’s “right” in both cases.)