Great new things

A professor of mine wrote an article for On Faith. (Last month, he had one published on Huffington Post.)

I started writing for The Baylor Lariat. And, I interviewed the Consul of Israel last week.

Sam Harris’s new book is insightful and thought provoking.

My friend Tim is kicking ass with his new blog. He’s using his platform to help others, not just himself. I love it.

While I never read the book, The Maze Runner was an amazing movie to see. And, if you missed The Giver, it’s still playing in a few theaters.

The Newsroom is coming back for it’s final season soon. The first season is available on Amazon, and the second is coming in November.

Finally, I’m working on two new projects this semester. One will give you a chance to share your story on the web, like Tim, Darby, and Peyten. The other will deliver the best books straight to your doorstep.