I don’t know

“When people say they don’t know, it lends credibility to everything else that they’ve said.” -Jason Friedman

As a college student, every introductory conversation leads to the question, “What do you want to do after graduation?”

The honest answer: Many of us do. not. know. And we frequently feel pressured to figure it out.

Being in this constant state of “I must find my future employer” doesn’t allow us to expereince what college begets: the opportunity to try new things and surface new interests.

If we’re being completely honest, most people don’t know, yet feel pressured to pretend that they do. (This is called Imposter’s Syndrome.)

Why do we feel that knowing is such an imperative? Because, as we’ve been taught through the education system, the ones with the knowlege hold the power.

We elect the president assuing he’s that smartest candidate. We look to teachers and professors to have all the answers. We expect parents to know, know, know. And we’re raised to take our leaders’s, educators’s, and parents’s position as keepers of the knowlege.

(An interesting side note: we see knowlege as power, but don’t feel that it should cost anything. Would you pay to use Google? Modern factory-and-cog style educating has taught us that learning should be free. Thus, why the publishing industry is on its side — we want to pay for the product, not the content. And also why many expensive colleges are under pressure to lower tuition. Maybe learning should actually cost us something. It’s worth more that way.)

Again, the problem with this system is that 70% of people regularly don’t know the answers to what we’re asking. 

It’s OK to not know.

Really. It’s alright.

We’re not going to beat you up.

We’re not going to think less of you.

And, if you help me find the answer, I’ll respect you even more. (Hint: I already respect you quite a lot, otherwise, I wouldn’t have sought you out for an answer.)

Crowding your minds with the stress of constantly being an imposter keeps you from hearing the direct line to our heart — the one that guides you to your calling.

Today, declutter your mind by embracing that you may not know. Use the extra space to fuel your passion, or just breathe.