Three simple letters.

Get them wrong and you’ll work twice as hard for half the return. Get them right and you might land it big.

But, in all the hustle and bustle of the Internet’s latest buzz word, we often lose sight of what really matters: the story.

The story is far more important than the formula. Get all the keywords and tags right, but if the person who visits your site doesn’t stick around for what’s there, you’ve got a problem.

It’s not just about writing. It’s about writing, while coupling brevity and authority. Give me what I need to know, but also tell me something I don’t. The New York Times does a fantastic job with this in their Science section. On the recommendation of a professor, I’ve obsessively read it each week for over a year and a half now. The writers know many people would much rather hear about sports or politics, so they have to write in a way that’s innovative. Our job is to do the same with our field.

If we’re not here to create compelling, grabbing and riveting (yes, all three) content then let’s just go home.