Who is the best in the world?

Apple. AllModern.com. Amazon.com. Goodday Coffee. The New York Times. Haagen-Dazs. Donald Miller. Ford pickup trucks. Ping. Seth Godin. Coca-Cola. Johnny Procell. Hershey’s. Raising Cane’s. How I Met Your Mother. Rodney Dangerfield. WordPress. Chase Bank. Brookshire’s. George Orwell. Baylor University. The State of Texas. The Democratic Party. Journalists. Mad Men. Bob Goff. Anne Lamott. Netflix. Kindle. Ryan Gest. Adobe. The Baylor Lariat. Tesla. Canon. Nike. Cole Haan. Ecclesia Houston. Marcia and Randy Platt.


There’s a simple formula to be the best in the world. It no longer takes actually conquering the entirety of the globe.

To be the best in the world you need to:

  1. Be who I think is the best…
  2. …in my world.

Nothing else matters.

Because if I love your product — if I love what you do — I’ll have no problem sharing it and telling people about what you’re doing.