Will you have water?

Waco water has a distinct taste to it. By distinct, I mean, “even without a boil notice in place, I’m still suspicious.” So, in my first semester at Baylor, I invested in one of those Brita filter pitchers. I’ve loved it.

Several reasons why this is such a great product: One filter will last quite a while. There’s a very noticeable difference in the water’s taste after processing it through the charcoal. The pitcher holds quite a bit of water. There’s a little indicator lights that reminds me when to change the filter. I don’t have to clutter my fridge or the landfill with a bunch of water bottles.

There’s only one downside to my Brita filter: I have to refill it at least every other day or — surprise — there won’t be any water.

I’ve learned that the best way to always have water is to immediately refill the pitcher after using it. That way I know I’ll never run low or out.

The same applies with gasoline.

When I take road trips — such as my recent voyage to St. Louis — I try to stop and fill up at the half-a-tank line. This way, I won’t get in a bind and wind up stranded.

I think this is also a great strategy for laundry, dishes, house cleaning, exercise and work.

Preemptive work is always a better strategy than frantic reaction. Whittle away at your tree each day, instead of overextending yourself in one exhausting afternoon.