If I iron one shirt tonight

…that's one less shirt I will need to iron tomorrow.

The way I see it, there are three types of work:

1. Work you do.

2. Work you are doing.

3. Work you can do.

The first two stye are both present forms of doing work. The difference is that number one implies work that is continually being done.

For example: As a janitor, one would clean. But, if one decided to clean her desk, she would be cleaning.

Work you do is our career. You're a jounralist or a window-cleaner or a lumberjack or an accounant. This work is holistic. It's your position, your specialty, (and ideally) your fullfilment. It's linear. You'll move forward (or up) in this sector because you become the best by due-dilligence.

Work you are doing is our task. You write or shine or chop wood or add. This work is scheduled. It's cyclical. You'll be doing this work again because it's what fuels the "work you do."

Work you can do is your nature. This aspect of work is proactive. It can be to get ahead of the competition or get things squared away for vacation or create time to make your art or make more time to sleep or get enough done so Friday is only a half-day for you. This kind of work is neither linear or cyclical because it's ultimately not related to your career or task. This work exists in the marginalized area between passion, gusto and hobby.

Work you can do is the goal because it morphs into work you get to do. Most think you'll get there by focusing on the other two first and filling the gap with proactivity.

However, if that's the attitude I take, eventually I'll have lots of things accomplished, but no shirts to wear.