Doing ONE: Passion > money

Leonardo da Vinci said he felt predestined to figure out flight. His work — his obsession — produced journals upon journals and a plethora of inventive ideas to bring humans to the skies. Because that’s what kept him up at night. That was his ONE.

Orville Wright’s first-grade teacher said she would catch him tinkering with bits of wood during lessons. Orville was practicing his ONE. He’d say, I’m building something to take my brother and I to the skies. Less than 30 years later, they’d do just that.

Finding one’s ONE isn’t the same as finding that sock that’s been missing. Finding one’s ONE is truly one of the three greatest things in life (next to love and legacy).

Yet, we see da Vinci and Wright as outliers. They figured it out, but I’ve got a job to do, a family to feed and a mortgage to pay.

But in choosing to sacrifice our ONE for a paycheck, we’re teaching kids, wives, husbands and everyone watching that MONEY > PASSION.

No wonder so few kids grow up to change the world. We teach them from an early age to not take risks, to not challenge what’s established, to find the white-picket-fence-and-cottage life and do everything to keep it.

Screw the picket-fence home and "safe" American dream. Take to the skies. That's where you belong.