Provoking with new face

I spend a lot of time talking and writing about diversity. I hate walking into a meeting, a class, a business where everyone looks like me.

If I’m being honest, a large reason I push for diversity is because when everyone looks like me, I feel replaceable. But, more important, when everybody looks the same, comes from the same culture, is treated the same by society, we get such a small keyhole view of the world.

“That which I gain from another is never instruction but only provocation,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Get new people on the bus who will challenge, poke and bring discomfort. Their views help fill in the gaps.

It’s not just a race thing. It’s a gender thing, it’s a religion thing, it’s a geography thing, it’s a passion thing, it’s a raising thing. It’s a humanity thing. Each person is different. Let’s give each a voice.

Fill the room so that, at first, no two people can relate to each other. The story that gets told will only get better.

[HT to Harold Bloom]