Personally connecting

Alison Broadhead, Jumeirah Group's CCO, told Harvard Business Review the hotel chain is focussed to "stay different." They're carving each location around the specific city it's in. For a stay in Rome, you'll be renting space in a historic building blending the old with modern comfort. But in Port Soller, it's all about the beach views.

Perhaps it's less about "staying different" and more about providing individualised focus. (Certainly, staying different is important, but focussing on individualizing the process for an individual automatically implies it will be different.)  People are fed up with being considered one of the masses.

Artisans did this work for centuries. Making shoes specific for each customer's individual foots.

And then we made the factory and billions of shoes were pumped out exactly the same — no matter that no two foots are alike. (It's easier. It's cheaper. And there's less room for human error.)

But now we're seeing a revolution of the artisanship. Work that is personal and connecting. Work that is designed to be individually focused.

And that's only a good thing.

Because when we work in a massive factory producing for the masses, it's impersonal. But there is nothing more personal than working for, with and as an individual.