Pins, points and pizza

When we're selling — and we're always selling — it's tempting to take the easy route. To not make a remarkable product and, instead, make a marketable product. To bend to consumer whims. To think social media, TV or a Yellow Pages ad will do the job in our place.

And the sad thing is: these tactics work. But they're gimmicks. Same as…

  • black v-necks
  • neon lights
  • "with more"
  • "new and improved"
  • pens, pins and points
  • donuts and coffee
  • Happy hour(s)
  • email marketing
  • social media
  • FREE pizza
  • a free chapter
  • SEO
  • Siri/Hey Google
  • buzzwords

Here's how you tell the difference between a gimmick and true marketing:
    Does it make the customer's life better or the seller's?

Gimmicks are just trends with ulterior motives.

Shoot straight with people because that builds the most important form of capital in the new Connection Economy: trust.