Everything is a story…

…so we should do everything with specific intention.

OK. Not everything. You don't need a master plan for laundry night. But story is a far bigger part of my life and your life than ever before.

From the way we answer (or don't answer) the phone to the signature in an email. Anyone interacting with your understands you, your company, your mission a little more.

The long, fully-encompassing signature (with address, email, phone, title and disclaimer) says you're a professional and wish to be treated as such. No emojis, please. No funny cat photos, please.

Even if that's not the case — even if you're the biggest Steve Martin fan on the planet — it looks like the exchange is business only.

But this isn't about changing your email signature. It's about spider webs in the corner of the front lobby ("We weren't expecting you"). It's about having a client take the hotel shuttle bus ("You're not all that important"). It's about a form letter versus a handwritten note ("You're like everyone else we do business with").

It's about everything.

Because everything you do as a company, as a service, as a nonprofit, as a freelancer — everything everyone does — tells a story.