The web of business

In the midst of the 2012 campaign season, the president made a statement about legacies, business and community. 

To successful business owners, the president noted: "You didn't build that."

He's right. You didn't. We did.

Sure, you put in a lot — I mean, a lot — of hard work. But who buys from you, who you know, what they said, how they helped, who they introduced you to or said nice things to about you — the "we" — did a large part of that.

Because business isn't about hard work (though that is a major part). Business isn't about luck — even when sometimes it seems like it is.

Business is about the web of networks we carry and how we connect our ideas to people, people to their own ideas and on and on.

Without inspirations, without clients, without mentors, without this web there wouldn't be business.

So it makes sense to find out who inspires you. And where their inspiration comes from (or came from).

Find this out. So we can build something else together.

(H/T to Austin Kleon)