100th post

Wednesday Seth Godin posted his 6000th blog. (You can find him by searching “Seth” on Google.) He’s also the author of around two dozen books — 18 of which went on to be best sellers.

But — just like you and me — he started with no blogs and no books. Seth got to where he is by:

  1. Sticking his neck out in the world everyday
  2. Giving stuff away
  3. Being a connector (of ideas, of people, of communities)
  4. Knowing that honesty, integrity and respect trump everything else

Seth posts a blog every day. He reads nearly five books a week. And he’s never failed to answer one of my emails.

His work and how he does it inspires me (proof: I basically stole his blog’s design).

So, on this — my 100th post — I also get to see it as my first.

My first of the day. My first based on where I am now. My first chance to connect and share what I know now with you. (And my first with a dog sleeping on my feet while writing it.)

A couple dozen books with my name on the spine will be cool to see…one day. But, for now, it’s time to keep whittling.

Thank for all the inspiration and guidance, Seth!

P.S. – A group of friends and I are spearheading to launch a writer/photographer/artist conglomerate site in the coming month. We’re out to change the world by sharing our thoughts on being 20-year-olds with big ideas and bigger dreams. (If it sounds naive, it’s because it probably is. But we love our naivety.) We’d also love to have you join (no age requirement; 20-year-old spirits welcome too). Reach out to me if you’re interested.