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Jonathon Platt

I'm an award-winning writer, editor-in-chief of Baylor Line Magazine, and maid to Penny the Dalmatian.

Before working on chart-topping podcasts, before walking 300 students a semester through the ever-changing world of media, before taking over the oldest and most circulated Baylor publication, before anyone ever picked me, I knew story was my craft, my obsession, and my future. It's my joy, thrill, and privilege to share this passion with you, continually leaping together.

My Biography

In 2012, I came to Baylor seeking a degree in marketing and dreaming of being a book agent. Words were my life and my obsession. Shortly, I found myself yearning to be on the other side of the page, though, and I became a journalism major. Since then, I've written for every student media outlet on campus, the Baylor Line (an alumni magazine), the Huffington Post, and worked and consulted on several podcasts, one of which topped at No. 4 on the iTunes chart in its category. In the summer of 2016, I conducted an emotional "exit interview" for the Lariat with Judge Ken Starr, when he resigned his post as President of Baylor University, and later had the opportunity to help a producer from CBS's 60 Minutes cover the sexual assault scandal at Baylor.

Over the years, I've found interests and success in technology, media, politics, religion, and history. In the past, I worked for-hire on contract projects (some carry my name, some you'll never even know I was involved). Through my undergraduate and graduate career, I read, wrote, and podcasted about civil rights. Ultimately, this work culminated in my thesis, Baylor In Black And White. After completing my master's degree, I took over publishing Baylor Line Magazine and serving as chief content officer for the Baylor Line Foundation, a 170-year-old organization supporting the Baylor Family.

I love to think deeply about the emotional side of work. Marketing, though not my current profession or academic pursuit, is still a constant conversation in my personal and professional life. And organizing, planning, and designing systems are the guiltiest of pleasures to which I can admit. (Well, that and copious reviewings of Big Bang Theory.)

In my spare time, I walk Penny around downtown Waco, McLane Stadium, and Cameron Park, read the latest news about Apple, talk politics, and cheer on the Bears at each home football game.

What have I written?

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Over to you!

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Without people like you, who are willing to stand up, go first, and make a difference, we'd all be lost. If you only take one thing away from my work, I hope it is this: We need you.

Let's get started.

What I'm doing now

I don't do social media, so this is like my version of a public profile... aka a "now" page.

I publish Baylor Line Magazine twice a year with various other projects in between. Right now, we're in a busy season of office renovations, pivoting much of our work to digital and events to virtual or hybrid, and providing new professional development courses and coaching. More on that last part to come.

Rachel and I are currently in Waco with eyes on where-to next. Obviously, COVID has thrown a wrinkle in well-laid plans. Like everyone else, we take it a day at a time.

No new meetings, gigs, or contract work right now.


For those of you who are interested in learning more about my work, I’ve included below a sample of relevant press coverage about me, that I'm interviewed in, or that my research (or I personally) contributed to.

Contacting me

I don't do social media, contract work, meetings, or speaking gigs, but I do read all my own mail.

Have something interesting, a question, or suggestion? Shoot me a note or get an answer here.

Just a quick disclaimer: While I read each note, I cannot promise a reply to every message. Especially if it's rude, redundant, or rather unappealing.

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