A Fall In Five Scenes

Originally published by Baylor Line Magazine in Fall 2021.


“KAYE!” Curtis watched as the fall happened in slow motion, her name erupting from his lips without even realizing it. No matter how fast he tried to move, he knew it was too late. Despite a running leap, Kaye hadn’t fully made it across a five-foot gorge. Before Curtis’s eyes, the woman he had come to love as life itself was falling back from the edge of a cliff 20 feet down — and 20 feet is a very long way to fall. What should have certainly been a death sentence, though, changed their lives (and the lives of many, many others) for the better.

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Courage In Black & White

This is an edited excerpt from my mater’s thesis, originally published by Baylor Line Magazine in Fall 2019

How a student editor challenged segregation on the front page of the Lariat

Ella Wall Prichard’s voice has a high pitch. Her gait is the stride of a woman with a purpose. She is always smiling, always dressed elegantly, always ready to help.

Meeting Prichard in passing, she may not strike you as someone whose life has been spent speaking truth to power, but give her a minute and she will change your mind. She is able to make you care deeply about the issues in her heart.

But when you give Prichard a pen that is when things really light up.

With a pen Prichard can change an entire university. She has done it before in just 140 words.

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